{Second Trimester Field Notes}

30 Weeks! Holy cheese pizza, we’re in the third trimester, people!!

Second Trimester Field Notes:

Nausea + exhaustion: Yeup. I’m tired. This isn’t pregnancy related, but I feel like I don’t sit down much anymore, so that’s probably why =/ This girl is just like her sister and is already sitting just under my ribs. I feel her down low, up high and all over, but her little butt is right where I need to bend in half to pick something up off the ground. Three attempts to grab something and I’m totally winded so it’s just going to have to stay on the floor where the stupid thing obviously belongs!

Boobs: Lyric has started to notice them more for some reason!? She’s always trying to stuff toys and hide things in there…kids are weird.

Increased appetite + heightened sense of smell:

20 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound - turns out it

Round ligament pain:  At my last prenatal I had to ask my doctor for a refresher on what is considered braxton hicks because after every wedding we shoot I always get crampy in the evenings after I’ve been able to sit and slow down. They’re uncomfortable but typically don’t last long. The last two weddings though I’ve been in a lot of pain that take my breath away and pretty much stop me in my tracks, and lying down or sitting still wasn’t doing much of anything to help it. She warned me about taking it easy and scheduling more breaks for myself throughout the day to prevent getting an irritable uterus from the strain and likely dehydration on those working days. If it happened again she said to go in just to be safe. Luckily, we only had one wedding left to go and it was one shooter so I was able to take it easy and avoid feeling crappy altogether.

Migranes: nada

Cravings + aversions: I’m pretty low maintenance these days. We passed the same hard ice cream shop off the highway a bunch of times this summer and Davin didn’t stop once, so I had to pull the preggo card and “suggest” that we stop on the way home 😉

Sleep:  It’s going okay… I’m sleeping through the night still, but I’m tossing a turning a lot more and my hips and back ache every morning. My Bump Nest is helping to alleviate some of the aches and pains but I notice them far more than I did last pregnancy for a few hours until I’m able to get moving long enough for it to subside for the day. Noticeable but minor, still.

Movement: I have another mover and shaker on my hands (aka in my belly)! She wiggles all day long and wakes me up at night sometimes. She’s getting so strong and loves to give me good and swift kicks to my sides or ribs. Or crotch. Or backside. Did you even know that a woman doesn’t just feel her baby in her stomach?! She can literally kick my ass!

Daddy G: He’s crossing his daddy’s duties off the list just as fast as I am these days. Doing whatever we can as early as possible to get ready for baby was always our plan and it’s going well. Davin is always in charge of doing the research and reading endless reviews of my favorite products then making the final decision. So we’ve got the double stroller taken care of, a second video monitor set up in Lyric’s room and he’s been helping me with the heavy lifting and even some DIYing in Lyric’s new room.  He took over spray painting her new bed because I complained of my hand cramping after 20 minutes. He made fun of me, but it’s been two weeks and he STILL says his whole arm is sore!

Big sister status: I’m starting to wonder if Lyric will be more shocked by the fact that her “baby sister” (as she so accurately calls her) will no longer be in my tummy than she will be about there being another permanent resident in the house. She is so used to her always being in there whenever she wants to “play” like covering her up repeatedly or use my womb as a pillow. I can just picture her running to me then quickly turning around remembering baby sister was evicted and is in the next room. haha

Photo 2016-08-18, 1 00 34 PM

At my last prenatal Lyric was sitting on my lap as she always does while the doctor uses the doppler to hear the heartbeat. She was quiet and watching intently while she put the jelly on my stomach and literally the second she put the doppler to my stomach and we heard that old familiar beating Lyric shot her eyes at me and flashed me the BIGGEST grin, I just about squealed with mommy pride that she was so excited at the sound. She also loves to tell people how baby sister’s heartbeat sounds like “BOOM BOOM BOOM”.

What I’ve learned: People really do love to inform you, in case you didn’t already know, that you’re probably or obviously bigger than the first time around. I take zero offense, but I’m quite surprised by it actually! I also think that most people assume that you’re more uncomfortable than the first time as well (true story) and that you’re exhausted from chasing after a toddler (truer story). You don’t need to tell me though that I’m very noticeably pregnant and that I still have three months to go, trust me friend, I feel it! 😉  But size wise, I’m measuring right on track, so I try not to walk around thinking that I’m BIG for my gestation. With Lyric I measured one week behind consistently, then towards the end I was measuring two weeks small! So compared to her, yes I’m probably or yes, obviously bigger. But don’t beat a dead and pregnant horse, will ya! haha

Highlights:  Deciding on a name! Actually, I think we decided this a long time ago, but it wasn’t until recently that we confirmed with each other that we didn’t need to throw names around any more. Dav and I agree on names pretty easily so it wasn’t a struggle either time to find something we both really loved. This time though, we did switch the first name and middle name around because he liked them better this way, so there’s a twist for ya. When she’s here and we introduce her to everyone you’ll know that I actually wanted her middle name to be her first. We’re both super happy with our decision and I can’t wait to see her sweet face and call her by name!

Lowlights: My iron came back super low again at my last appointment, so I’m on Iron now. I had the same thing with Lyric and it was an easy fix so I don’t mind. These leg cramps though…I get them in the middle of the night and they make me want to punch something! They’re so painful and my doctor said that Magnesium isn’t “proven” and not to taken anything I don’t need to. I can’t really drink more water than I already do, so stretching is my last hope – which I have yet to try. whoops.

I’ve picked out a few changes I want to make to the nursery to make it Baby H’s own. But I’m feeling like it’ll be a last minute dash to get them done before her due date arrives, just with what’s on our to-do list already. I’m hoping I can get it all done but going against every grain in my body even thinking that it might be a reality I won’t be “totally ready” this time around. We shall see!

Looking forward to: Seeing our little lady again at our 32+ week ultrasound in a few short weeks!


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August 18, 2016 - 1:20 pm

Davin - For clarification, my whole arm wasn’t sore from painting; my finger was sore…numb actually!

August 18, 2016 - 1:33 pm

Lisa G. - Oh my mistake! 😉

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