{Mini Bachelor Pad: A Nursery Reveal}

Welcome to April! This time of year tends to bring out the best of most of us, doesn’t it? The cool temperatures are literally melting away, the birds are back & making themselves heard and the Spring sun is getting us all in the mood for long summer nights. The change of season is a refreshing change of scenery for all of us, but for my dear friend & neighbor, Stephanie it’s also the month that she & her little family will be welcoming home another bouncing baby boy.

There’s a long and emotional history behind this little baby’s journey into their lives and I’m sure it came with even more trials that I’m privy to; but witnessing this mama rise above it all and have the best reward of all about to make an appearance, is so heartwarming. Stephanie, her husband and their main man, Nixon, suffered the loss of a pregnancy last year and journeyed the long road to recovery which ultimately lead them down an extraordinary and hopeful path: finding out they were pregnant with baby boy #2!

I can only imagine living their experience, but I know the feeling of finding out your rainbow baby is on her way and it catapults you into this realm of focus and your energy has completely shifted from that unscathed excitement you felt during the pregnancy you lost, to the sensation of treading on thin ice now that you’re pregnant again. Suddenly, you realize that you just have to sit back and trust your body, but your mind is left with nothing to do but prepare for baby the best way we know how. We’re forced to come to terms with the fact that focusing our energy on something other than worrying is the only way we’re going to make it 40+ weeks until that little peanut is in our arms. For myself, that distraction was Lyric’s big girl room & for Stephanie, it is her second son’s nursery. It’s a nine-month-long form of nesting, if you will, and quite literally building the little nest that your birdie will come home to not only keeps you occupied and satisfies that unrelenting excitement you feel, it also channels that energy into the universe that we have so much faith our growing womb, and just know that one day soon, I will rock this baby to sleep in this very corner of this very room.

It’s that very energy that I speak of that I saw and heard in Steph every time she told me about baby Wowdzia’s nursery. I’d ask her for details (while she so kindly brings my neglected mop of hair back to life) and she would make ME wish that I could help plan another with her! I could tell this space has so much significance to them and Steph has clocked many hours lovingly customizing it to be this babe’s very own. It’s got a little bit of sophistication, a lot of warm & cozy and every corner houses sweet baby details, I can almost smell that newborn smell just looking at it. All of it together reminds me of a little bachelor pad for the newest gentleman in the house! But I’ll shut up now though and let her tell you about it! Spoiler alert – the crib is unreal and makes me want to buy the exact same crib and do the exact same thing.

from stephanie…

Nurseries and why do moms spend so much time obsessing about them!?

Not only is it so exciting to become pregnant and go shopping for tiny little clothes and cool gear, designing a nursery is also right up there. It’s a room that as a mother you will spend countless hours, feeding, changing, admiring, pondering and falling asleep in! (knowing this, it’s totally worth investing in a good glider!!) This is our 3rd go around for creating a fresh new space for our new babe (due April 19th) My first born’s nursery was simple. Grey & whites, little bit of chevron accents the typical Pinterest nursery of 2014.

In the fall of 2015 I found out I was pregnant again, and the planning had started right away I was going to keep things pretty similar to the way it was, add in some fresh pops of color, couple photos, decor and viola! Sadly this pregnancy ended at 13 weeks to a rare Molar Pregnancy ( look it up and you’ll be as shocked as I was) The nursery sat untouched, a mess at the least and it was a sad place to enter.

Clear Mind & New Design

We are now weeks away from bringing home our newest baby boy, which I cannot wait for that newborn smell! Flash back to finding out we were expecting again with a healthy babe and my nursery planning started all over. This time from scratch. I wanted a totally new space with still using items from our first born but a space I felt proud of and relieved when I entered. (My husband has shaken his head and cursed multiple time over my obsession with this room. Men just don’t get it!) This room became my little project that I’m so proud of. It gives me a sense of calmness.

The nursery is inspired by a neutral pallet with a bohemian feel. I re-purposed the crib myself, no man needed 😏 (to solely prove a point to the man of the house) painted the walls, added some new decor and upgraded the glider chair. I’m looking forward to creating new memories in this room as we become a family of 4. I’ve already warned my husband, the more kids we have the more room changes he’ll have to deal with! 🙊

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That’s big bro Nixon up there. He is the real deal when it comes to the definition of a gentleman, his little brother has the best role model and doesn’t even know it yet! Not going to lie, I wouldn’t be mad if my girls married these boys… hehe!Thank you Steph for letting me share your beautiful room, I am SO thrilled for you and can’t wait to welcome another handsome boy to the neighborhood!

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