{How to Grow a Luscious Lawn: An Interview with the Lawn Nazi}

This time every year I get my shits and giggles on from watching Davin reunite with his beloved lawn that he missed all those winter months. While lounging on the deck and listening to him go on and on about it, I couldn’t help but think why doesn’t he tell someone who cares? Just kidding. But people are constantly asking us what it is we do to have such a nice lawn in the summer, so I thought you guys actually might, and he could help lawns all over!


So I asked Davin if he’d let me interview him for all the people that so desire to have as nice of manscaping as he. I realize lawnscaping might be a better term, here. Not surprisingly, he jumped for joy, put some pants on, sat up straight and we got to work.

What Are Your Top 3 Tips For A Lucious Green Lawn?

Easy question!

  1. Cut your lawn often and cut it long on second longest setting. It will fill out and grow in nice and thick. Long thick grass chokes out weeds.
  2. Water often during a hot spell and once every 2 days otherwise. In spring water once every 4-5 days. Water at night after sundown (rather than during the day, in the sun) – very important!
  3. Fertilize in beginning of the year (ASAP in April or May after first lawn cutting). Prepare fertilizer and mix in grass seed right before a rainfall or watering. It will burn your grass if you don’t water it. Mid summer and before fall each time with grass seed.
  4. Bonus Tip: Get weeds under control. Hand Pick dandelions, don’t spray them. And hopefully your neighbor does too or you’ll have a harder time to keep them at bay because they spread easily. I’m proud to report we haven’t had one in the last 3 years!

Share Your Favorite Lawn Products

Killex Attach & Spray. It’s a bottle attachment to your house to kill any clovers or other weeds. Use only mid year and once a year. Read directions in the bottle for further instruction on use.

Scotts Kentucky Blue Grass Seed. I buy my grass seed and fertilizer separately and mix them myself instead of buying pre-mixed bags.

Love my dandelion tool remover, but it’s important to get a good one, otherwise it’ll just break.

Why Do You Cut The Lawn In A Different Pattern Every Time?

Changing the mowing pattern keeps it from leaning in the same direction, keeps wheel ruts from forming and creates and appeal and interest. So mix it up and cut it diagonally one time and straight the next. Also, if you don’t bag your clippings it prevents them from collecting in the same place.

Grass Clippings – Let ‘Em Fly, or Bag ‘Em?

On the farm, let ’em fly. In town, I like to bag them just for cleanliness. If you recently added seed to a dead patch you can add some clippings on top.


Winter Kill – How Do You Deal?

Winter kill is usually caused from not having a layer of snow to insulate the lawn from the extreme cold. So wherever you shovel (like a path in the back yard for the dog) the cold is what kills the lawn. And if you often walk on the same spot, that contributes to it too.

Rake away the dead grass in spring and apply seed, or ignore it and if you follow all the above steps of seeding and fertilizing, new grass should eventually grow in just fine.

Who Is Your Biggest Lawn Competitor?

I have the greenest grass on the block, but Graham Shell, who lives a block over.

Why Don’t You Weedwack Around The Perennial Garden Every Time You Cut The Grass? It Drives Me Crazy.


What is Your Dream Lawn Mower?

The bigger the bag the better.

Any Last Words?

Aerate every other year and take care of your grass and it will take care of you. 👌



Have questions about your lawn that need answers? Let us know and the Lawn Nazi himself will help you get the lawn you’ve always dreamed of!

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