{DIY Cotton Candy Halloween Costume}

Last year on Halloween Lyric was only barely five weeks old. Needless to say we could pretty well dress her up as anything and she couldn’t say much about it. I was nice and decided to make her look like a big delicious, fluffy helping of cotton candy. I think Davin wanted to make her a loaf of bread, haha. I might be a bit biased but it was pretty dang easy to make her look so sweet and edible!


It only took a few cheap things to DIY this costume!


  • A pillow or cotton batting
  • Fabric spray paint, whatever color you choose
  • A headband
  • One piece of 8-1/2″ x 11″ white cardstock
  • Glue gun
  • Onesie or swaddle blanket


  • Cut open the pillow and take out the batting
  • Pull and stretch the batting to give it the ‘consistency’ of cotton candy (should be thin and whispy) then lay it on a flat surface
  • Spray the tops until they’re as much of a light or dark color as you’d like; let dry overnight
  • Roll the cardstock into a tight cone shape and use the glue gun to secure the ends – this is the ‘handle’ to your baby-turned-cotton-candy-costume
  • Glue the bottom of the cone (the wide end) to the top side of the headband and use a little bit of glue to secure some of the cotton candy around the seam to complete this part of the outfit, which is the hat
  • Swaddle your babe to sleep and lay her down on a dark blanket for optimal contrast if you want to mimic this photo. Then gently put the headband on and use something tiny and hard to put between the floor and the cone so it lays straight.
  • Then cover her in cotton candy to finish this super sweet look!

Given how old she was we didn’t take her trick-or-treating in this costume (she went as a cow or a giraffe, we’re still not sure what that outfit actually was). But if you wanted to take your little one out you can very easily make this a toddler-friendly costume by gluing the batting – ahem, cotton candy – to a long-sleeve onesie or body suit, and just pair it with white leggings. Before you know it you’ll have a very mobile cotton candy babe this Halloween!

She is so sweet I could just eat her up! PS – where did my baby go!?

This year I think I’m going to attempt to make Lyric look like a little old lady! I have a feeling these Halloween photos are just going to get harder every year, so we’ll see how it turns out. Wish me luck though!


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