{40 Weeks & Counting}

Welp, our expected due date has come and gone and we’re still waiting for our bundle of joy as patiently as ever.  And let me tell you, it’s taking everything in us to keep waiting for something anything! to happen.

At 40 weeks + 4 days I still feel nothing that would tell me my body’s gearing up for labor.  No braxton hicks, no little contractions here and there.  To top it off, baby’s been locked up tight up until last Monday’s appointment where I finally reached 1 centimeter.  And even that I think was a stretch because she couldn’t strip my membranes.

So! I’m left to do what I can and wait it out until baby (and hopefully he or she does!) decides to come and meet us on no one’s terms but his own.  That is until Tuesday, when our doctor wants to induce us with Cervidil, at which point our little lady or man will have no choice but to finally come out and meet us.

In any case, we can’t wait to experience what will be one of the most amazing times in our lives, and although it’d be great if things happen on their own, we just pray for a happy and healthy baby!


third trimester field notes:

Comfort Level & Exhaustion: I’ve had pretty exceptional energy the majority of the third trimester, but this last week is hit or miss.  I’m up super early, might nap or might not, and being overdue has me feeling super motivated one day to encourage baby to make his arrival, then feeling in the dumps the next because I’m so, so ready and still have no squishy baby to cuddle, so I look for things to do or just laze around.  As far as comfort level goes, I have the usual pelvic pain that comes with reaching the end of pregnancy, but I was lucky and didn’t experience any discomfort until very recently.  I stayed really active throughout my pregnancy (and my office at work was on the second floor, so I did a lot of stairs) which I think really helped me to avoid experiencing any aches and pains or major fatigue that can last a few months.  I’m not talking going to the gym and running marathons; I just kept up regular everyday activities like riding our bikes and going for long walks, and the fact that our summers are crazy busy kept me constantly moving.

Appetite: Appetite has been pretty normal.  These days I wake up pretty dang early for a bowl of cereal though.

Braxton Hicks: Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Bladder Status: Pretty much all I do is walk to and from the bathroom, which is expected, and not the end of the world since I’m not working anymore.  Baby dropped right at the end of my 38th week so she doesn’t even have to be squirming for the pressure to send me packing towards the water closet.

Belly Button Tracker: The skin right above my belly button where my piercing used to be is pretty stretched, but somehow by the grace of God I beat my genes and made it the whole pregnancy without stretch marks or linea negra which is cra-zy.  I thought for sure I was guaranteed a plethora of tiger stripes.

Cravings + Aversions: I’m pretty ‘normal’ these days for all eats and sips.  All of my cravings have settled and nothing specific turns me off.

Sleep: Rolling from side to side and getting out of bed all night long and in the morning is by far my biggest ongoing challenge.  It’s hard.  Really hard.  That’s what’s interrupting my sleep and often wakes me up at the crack of dawn for the day.  My hips are just too sore laying down and getting up and moving is the only thing that instantly feels better.

Daddy G: I can’t wait to see him become a father.  I know he’ll be nothing but the absolute best and love nothing more than reveling in his little mini-me.  These days he’s exhausting all of the responses he can think of to the endless amounts of “No baby yet!?” & “Why are you still at work!?” Sorry love, but our babe clearly has your stubbornness.

Movement: Since baby dropped movements have been become conservative but it’s brought me lots of relief at the same time. Relief because the heels that used to tuck themselves under my right rib cage have lowered and I can breathe much better.  Conservative because having dropped into my pelvis seems to have made baby more comfortable and she sleeps most of the day – or she’s running out of room, I don’t know.  But I spend a lot of time focusing on the short bursts of movement I do get before it’s gone forever.

What I’ve Learned:  Although I envision our birth story looking a certain way (albeit I’d never call it a “plan”) I’m truly prepared for anything.  Considering all of the possibilities over the last couple of weeks wasn’t something I thought I’d do.  Instead I assumed I’d approach labor obviously hoping for a safe, smooth delivery and just deal with things as they come.  I think I’ll be more prepared now, having given some thought to parts of our delivery that might not be how I pictured it.  Being induced on Tuesday would be the first of those scenarios since I had hoped so badly that I’d go into labor naturally, but I’m educating myself on it and so excited at the fact we know our son or daughter will be in our arms in less than a week, one way or another.

Highlights: Reaching full term and having a complication-free pregnancy.  We are so thankful for that.

Lowlights: Hip & pubic bone pain, definitely.

Tomorrow we’re going out to dinner at Corzo 32 in the city.  We’ve never been, but Davin’s foodie brother got us a gift card there for shooting his wedding, so I’m pretty sure we’re guaranteed a delicious meal and a lovely night out.  The most exciting part is I get to go out to someplace other than Wal Mart! YES!

Till next time…



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