{181 Days of Lyric}

The best 181 days of my life! My sweet, precious baby girl is six whole months old today.

She brightens our day, every day, and our love for her is just plain out of this world.  There is absolutely no other way to put it.

Our little girl is our muse! She keeps us entertained and on our toes.  She brings the kid out in both of us, fills our hearts to the brim and has us singing kids songs for days. We sure have never been happier than these past six months.

We can all agree what a real bitch time is {and there’s nothing I love complaining about more} but of all the things being a mom has taught me, the greatest has been to live in the moment. Of course these months have gone by faster than I ever could have prepared for and it saddens me a little when I think how my baby is growing more and more into a little girl who’s going to be on the move in no time.  Especially when I feel like I literally JUST birthed her.  Seriously time, you are le bitch. But I have never been so proud as I am when I get to watch her grow and learn new things and develop more of a personality each and every day.  Like all moms I struggle knowing that my baby girl won’t always fit as perfectly in my arms as she has these past six months, but that’s what has taught me to be so thankful for today. So instead of missing yesterday or planning for tomorrow, I’ve learned to simply focus on nothing else but the right here and right now.

And today is a day to celebrate our baby girl’s half birthday!


Girl you can moooove! You’re not crawling yet but can roll both ways and love to scoot around to get places on your back. Especially in your crib, you’re almost always sideways or the opposite way that we laid you down. Jumping in your Jolly Jumper or in the hands of anyone is still a big hit after all these months. We’re convinced you’re going to be a gymnast one day because of your energy and love for acrobatics. When dad stands you up and leans you back and forth you giggle so hard. And when I scoop you in my arms you lean all the way back and check things out upside down. That’s usually when I steal lots of those neck kisses that you love so much.

This month you started babbling ‘mum’ over and over whenever you’re hungry or upset. It tugs at my heart strings but I secretly love hearing the beginnings of you calling out for me. Daddy is currently working on getting you to holler for him too.

At 14 pounds, 12 ounces and 25-3/4″ tall you still fit some 3 month clothing.  Which is great because you still have so many unworn clothes that you would have never got the chance to wear otherwise! Plus, it means that mommy gets a little more time because she has another cry session while packing those clothes up.

Your hair color has lightened a bit and after staying at bay all these months you’ve finally made a tiny bald spot from all that scooting around.  The life of a mover and shaker!

Your personality is nothing short of fun outgoing and ever so playful. Even you think you’re the funniest little lady there is! You get the giggles and your legs kick like crazy when you look at yourself in the mirror and you love the sound of your own voice. Your laugh is OH so contagious. You know we’ll do whatever it takes to hear those high pitched squeals or girly laughs. ANYthing. I can’t wait to show you all the videos one day!

You’ve always known what you want and how to get it and you’re still that decisive baby girl. You also love tricking our friends and family into doing something for you then laughing with that sneaky smile and wrinkle on your nose. Everyone laughs at how smart you are.

Knowing you’re happy makes me and your daddy’s hearts burst with nothing but love and joy. Our conversations with one another are usually intertwined with one of us busting out in tune or making funny faces in your direction because we can’t get enough of you. It seems that we crave your attention just as much as you crave ours!

You’re still exclusively breastfed and it’s still our favorite time together. Now that you’re older I love to make faces at you and you love to reach for my face and pull my hair. I’ll always remember how precious and playful our nursing sessions have become.

There’s something about your daddy that makes you light up every. single. time. Your smile reaches your ears and it’s my absolute favorite thing in the world to watch. Sometimes he doesn’t even make eye contact yet and you easily bust out laughing! We both agree that mommy’s ta-tas and daddy’s face can fix everything. I feel so lucky to get to watch you two together every day.

Oscar is your BFF. You two get closer everyday and I can tell he can’t wait for you to start chasing him around the house. He doesn’t mind when you pet him a little hard or accidentally poke him in the eye when you’re checking him out… As long as you let him lick your feet once in a while, he’s happy.

 Waking up in the morning and from naps is your happiest time of day. I often watch you on the monitor talking to yourself and playing with your snuggabear for a while after you open your eyes. Then when we come in the room your whole body starts jumping because you’re so happy to see us. It’s the cutest thing ever!

Right now we’re most looking forward to getting out in the heat! The first day of spring was less than a week ago so we’re obviously anxious for all this new snow to melt so you can play in the grass and come on long walks in the evening, something your daddy and I have always loved to do. You’re going to have so many more ‘firsts’ this summer!

You love watching your cousin, Ryker, run around the room and talk and play.  He’s a busy boy and you’re completely entertained by him. It won’t be long before you two will play together! Everyone comments how you two look a lot alike and most of us agree that it’s in your eyes…they are the smiliest eyes of anyone I’ve ever seen before. In a few months you won’t be the youngest cousin anymore when Ryker’s baby brother arrives in July!

This is a little glimpse into our lives these days and how you’ve grown and changed, but there really is no way to explain to you how much we love you and how wonderful life is since you came along.  Just know that we wouldn’t trade you for the world and can’t wait for all the milestones you’re going to reach in the coming months.

Happy six months, baby. We love you a billion flower pedals, my girl.

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I’ll be sharing the DIY floral crown and studio mobile later this week!


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