{Thomas Kinkade Inspired Design Board}

Last month I connected with Invaluable.com, a large online marketplace for fine art, antiques, furniture, jewelry and a ton of other really amazing stuff for a really fun collaboration.  I was given the opportunity to put my love for interior design to work and design a room around one of their paintings.  I happily obliged!  I figured it was a great opportunity to put my mind to work doing two of my favorite things: online shopping and designing a space that I wish existed in my own home.

I didn’t have to look through their never-ending selection of paintings for very long before I found this one by Thomas Kinkade.  He’s known as the “Painter of Light” and I think all of his work, especially this one, is just gorgeous.  My mom has a love for Thomas Kinkade’s paintings and we had a few of his pieces in our home growing up, so I’m familiar with his work and I knew it was what I wanted to base my design around.


Although his paintings are really rich in color and have quite a classic look to them, I wanted to incorporate some modern pieces in the design and see if they clashed with the painting or complimented it.  I think it’s the really vibrant, yet subtle, colors in the painting that make it work so well with the other pieces I chose. I really like the overall look of this space and currently wish it was my bedroom.  My darling husband, who is full of opinions, thinks it’s way too classic and he can only picture the design in a hotel somewhere.  We’ve always had completely different opinions when it comes to design and decor, but I’m taking his constructive criticism and picturing this room in the Waldorf Astoria, of all hotels! 😉


Invaluable Design Board

I’d love to hear what you think! What do you love and what are you not feeling about this design?

Thomas Kinkade Painting / Bed FrameBedding / Chair / “Life is Beauty Full” Pillow / Pouf / “A Ship Is Safe In Harbor, But That’s Not What Ships Are For” Print / Glass Dome Cloche / Dresser / Area Rug / Mirror / Chandelier / Bedside Light Sconces /




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