{The End of an Era!}

Today is a sad sad sad day in the Gegolick household. Jordyn headed home this morning. We joked about her being our live in nanny for the month (which she kinda sort actually was, haha) but really, we were just super lucky that our niece was willing to come and stay with us and babysit whenever we had to work.

Davin had someone to experiment on with an abundance of his specialty ‘slushies’ and I had someone to laugh at Lyric with during the day, watch her while I took a mid-day shower, and be just as freaked out about germs as I am. I’ve said before that watching my babe bond with other people is one of my absolute favourite things about being a parent, so this month was obviously a total treat for me. Growing up with so many girls in our family, it was like déjà vu finally having another girl in the house to trade clothes and makeup with, and more importantly, fight over those same things. I’ll never forget it!


Jordyn, Lyric loves you SO much. As her mom I know what lights her up I hope you know how high you are on her list.

Thank you so much for coming and caring for Lyric as if she was your own. Thank you for doing things just the way I would have and not being afraid to do them a little differently, too. Thank you for beating me to lots of diaper changes and for allowing Davin and I to have a few nights out. Thank you for spending your summer with your cooky {read: fun, loving, smart, with amazing dance moves and singing voice} aunt, and crazy uncle. We are so appreciative and hope you had as much fun with us as we did with you. <3

We love you like crazy and hope you have an amazing rest of your summer in Thailand! We miss you already!

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