{The Art of Floating + A Giveaway}

I learned about float spas a few years ago when we were approached about building one at work. I’ve always been so intrigued by it and knew I wanted to try it out one day. If you pay any attention to me you know that this baby has gifted me more discomfort in my hips and pelvis than I ever had with Lyric. Since chiropractors aren’t my thing and I didn’t enjoy the prenatal massage I had with Lyric, I knew I had to try floating this time to get some relief. I’m SO glad I did and I’m so glad it was at Floatique Rest Centre in Edmonton.


Floating is a type of therapy that enables you to release all of your built-up stress and tension while reaping all of it’s many physical benefits at the same time. Inside the float pod, over 1000 of Epsom Salts are dissolved in 10″ of water which enables your body to float. There are numerous health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, increasing immune function and heightening your senses.  Your skin and hair will feel silky smooth and your mind will begin to float away just like your body. Floating can provide you with that much needed tranquility, rejuvenate you with peace and happiness and offer relief from aches and pains.


The lovely ladies at Floatique will provide you with all you need, but it can be a tad overwhelming at first so I’ll share the basics here, too. When you arrive you’ll answer a short questionnaire and slip into some spa slippers. They’ll show you to the restroom, then your own private float room.

Floatique provides you with:

  • Pre-float hair and body wash
  • Ear plugs
  • Vaseline
  • A make-up remover wipe
  • Towels & a face cloth
  • Small pool noodle/head rest
  • Vinegar solution
  • Post-float shampoo, conditioner & body wash

Prior to starting your float you’ll wash your hair and body with the unscented soap in your own personal rain shower. The vaseline is there for you to apply to any cuts or burns that you might have to protect it from the salt water which can cause some discomfort. They also recommend it for your lady-bits to avoid experiencing any sensitivity. Being pregnant (and already sensitive enough down there) I applied to liberally as well as to my lady lumps. I would do this if I weren’t pregnant as well. Fellas – I’m not sure what they recommend you protect with the Vaseline but I’m sure they’ll advise you 😉

The ear plugs are there since there is a chance they’ll be submerged, but use of them is optional – I chose not to and had no problems. After your float the little bottle of vinegar solution is there to rinse out your ears.

Once you get in, find a comfortable position to just relax or manipulate your body into positions that you find comforting to any sore joints or muscles. Floats are 60 or 90 minutes long. Afterwards you’ll shower off then having the getting-ready room available to you which is equipped with a hair dryer, lotions and plenty of other cosmetic amenities. Then you can take a few minutes to enjoy a tea or water in the lounge!


I went for three floats and each one was a different experience for me. My goal was to seek relief from some pretty intense pain in my pelvis, cramps I had been getting in my legs and and to let my body fully relax. Although my symptoms are pregnancy-related, the benefits I sought out from floating would be applicable to any other ache or pain not related to pregnancy.

My first float I started out with the intent on fully relaxing and allowing myself to drift off if it decided to. I was surprised at how easily my body sprung to top of the water and how I instantly became weightless. I found fully relaxing to be quite effortless although it can take some people a while to get used to completely “sinking in” and letting the water cradle you. I never did fall asleep but it’s because I chose to take advantage of the weightlessness and move my body. This feeling was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, especially these past nine months. I could move my entire body and exaggerate all movements without any pain or muscle spasms. Since my joints were bearing virtually no weight, I was able to stretch out completely in positions I would never ever be able to “on land” at this point, which felt simply incredible. I focused on lengthening my body and spending time in positions that would benefit me in the coming weeks as our due date gets closer.

I also found the quiet and intimate time with just me and this baby incredibly valuable. Being busy at home with a toddler, it takes more of a conscious effort to spend as much quality time just bonding with my baby in the womb than it ever did with my first pregnancy. I really cherished being able to spend some time admiring my body in this state, just weeks before we welcome our little girl Earthside. Having said that, I couldn’t help but picture being able to labor in one of the float pods. If it was possible to fill one of those babies up with non-salt water, MAN would it be the most incredible place to labor! I swear if there was a way to float in plain water there would be a line around the block of women about to have their babies. haha!

My Favorite Positions for the Pregnant Lady:

  • On my Belly: hands down my favorite position. I could float complete hands-free on my belly in just 10 inches of water and my body has never felt so good this late in pregnancy. I would also put the bottoms of my feet together and let my knees fall apart and to the surface of the water, almost in a frog-leg position. This was great to help open my pelvis and stretch my legs and hips out.
  • Half in-Half out: I would sit upright and hold myself up with my arms over the edge of the pod, letting just my lower body float. I’d stretch out my legs, out the bottoms of my feet together again to open my hips and twist my body from side to side in this position. It was also great for watching baby do her own synchronized swimming in my belly. =)
  • Flat on my Back: This was ultimate way to relax and feel totally and completely weightless. Every single joint and muscle in your body gets a break and there’s literally no other way to achieve that than floating on water. You can use the headrest and let the rest of your body sink while the waters holds you up.

After each float I so energized! I thought I would want to go straight home and take a nap, like after a massage, but that wasn’t the case at all. Floating encourages your body to release endorphins which was a pleasant surprise! I was free of any aches and pains I went in with, my body felt limber and flexible and my skin was so dang soft. Two of my floats were only three days apart and during the last I could still feel the benefits from the float I had just days earlier. The biggest relief I found was the excruciating leg cramps I had been having for literally months (while I was dead asleep) stopped completely. I was this close to eating a spoonful of mustard in a desperate attempt to find out one way or another if that would finally make them stop but I’m so glad I didn’t have to!

I’ve become such a huge fan of floating and I think the benefits of it are comparable to no other form of physical and wellness therapy. I know so many people that I think would benefit from it and would quickly fall in love with it and I can’t wait to send my pregnant friends!


Tara at Floatique is kind enough to give first-time floaters 30% off any the purchase of 60 or 90 minute float or any float package (excluding the ‘Be Enchanted’ pack) just use codeimg_7604ohmygee16 online or mention the code in-store.

You also have a chance to win one of TWO free 90 minute floats! Here’s how to enter:

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  2. Like this photo AND leave a comment telling us why you’d love to try floating or what you love about it if you’ve been before!
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  5. Contest ends on Tuesday, October 25th at 12 noon MST and will be announced on Instagram.

For more information on the science behind floating, its benefits and the process or pricing, head to www.floatique.com






This post is sponsored, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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