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{Father’s Day 2017}

I had no idea (or maybe I did) that recording a little video of Lyric professing her love for her daddy by blowing bubbles and babbling over a picture of him three years ago would turn to what it has now. At the time I thought to myself about what a treasure these will be […]

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{The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name}

Reading in our house has always been a big hit and I’ve loved seeing Lyric’s ability to understand each story book evolve as she’s gotten older. When she was little it was more about our expression and how we carried our voices from page to page, but now that she’s older she pays attention to […]

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{Father’s Day 2016}

We are so lucky to have had another amazing year with the world’s most amazing dad. Davin, I hope we tell you this enough, but we love you more and more every day. Thank you for everything you do, always taking the time, and making sure we both feel loved and like there’s nothing else […]

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