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{Six Months of Harlow Savvy}

What a love-filled half year it’s been since Harlow came into our lives. It’s incredibly cliche but isn’t is so ridiculously true that once something monumental and life-changing takes place you literally can’t remember what life was like before it happened? When I think about what Dav and I did before we became parents everything […]

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{Harlow’s Birth Story Part II}

part I HARLOW SAVVY GEGOLICK It was the fastest few hours of my entire life! My water broke at home at 1am and at 4:46, just over an hour after getting to the hospital, we were parents again! Our doctor and our birth photographer missed the delivery and seeing their faces as they walked into […]

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{Harlow’s Birth Story Part I}

I can hardly believe I’m writing my second birth story. When we brought your big sister home the details of her birthday day stayed fresh in my mind and felt like yesterday for months. I relived it over and over. The day that you came into my arms seems so long ago though. I have […]

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