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{Bran Muffin Recipe}

Happy Humpday! I thought I’d share one of my favorite morning and mid-day snacks with you since to get you through the rest of the week. This recipe is passed on from Davin’s uncle Daren, to his mom’s recipe card box, where I stole it from a few years ago, and now onto you! Davin’s […]

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{Gegolick: Party of Four}

Happy Saturday, ya’ll! I posted a few snippets of our family photos from last month, but I wanted to share the rest! Every year since our wedding Dav and I have had photos done around the time of our anniversary.  Last year we held off a few months so my belly was big and round […]

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{Oscar Milo Weiner?}

Everyone that knows us knows that we are the world’s biggest pet lovers and that our dog Marley was our pride and joy for a long time.  We lost him last month to a car and although this is the third yes THIRD! time we’ve lost a pet, it was much different with Marley. By […]

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