{T Minus 10 Weeks!}

30 weeks! I can hardly believe it!  Somehow I thought this was week 29, and when I realized I missed a week in there somehow I suddenly feel like we’re SO much closer to meeting this baby of ours!  I’ll admit – it might have made me a bit panicked, too.  We don’t have that much to do to prepare, but we still have quite a few things to buy.  And 10 weeks just seems so close…especially with our crazy busy photography schedule in the next 6 weeks, I’m positive that time is literally going to pass by in the blink of an eye!


So having said that, things in the nursery have made so much progress in the last few weeks!  I finished the pine panelling and painting the room a little over a month ago and we moved the furniture in shortly after.  Then last week I made a trip to the city by myself I made a big dent in Target, Ikea and Indigo where I picked out a bunch of things like baskets and decor perfect for our babe’s slumber pad.  As soon as I find a glider (If someone could help me understand why all the good things have to be from the states and are impossible to ship to Canada, that’d sure help me sleep better at night!) and get the wall art in and hung up, we’ll be ready to fill it up with clothes and blankets and diapers galore!  Oh, and the bedding and change pad cover, I still need those, but I’m ordering them this week!

When deciding the layout of the room, there were really only three options we could go with.  I wasn’t so keen on option #2 because the air from the window would go straight towards the crib.  Originally I liked the idea of having the rocker in plain site of the doorway so I can see into the hall while nursing, but I liked being able to see the crib from the hallway much more.  So option #3 it is!


A few weeks ago I was picking paint colors for the top half of the wall above the paneling, but I decided to keep it white.  There’s nothing I love more than sitting down with a paint deck, but the room is just so bright and crisp all white that I couldn’t bring myself to paint it a different color on top.  Plus, with the amount of color that’s in there now, I’m sure that with the art on the walls and chair in the corner it’ll have the perfect amount of pops of color without being too overwhelming or gender-specific.


I love the new closet doors!! The french style makes the closet so much bigger than with the old bi-fold doors.  I planned on painting them a light peach colour and actually did get as far as putting on one coat on one door, but Davin had a panic attack and said that it looked pink…so that door is now primed over.  Why are men so afraid of colour?!?  And it was peach, for the record.  Anyways, I do still want the doors to have color so I’m deciding on another one that will make Daddy G happy.


Things are coming along and baby is growing and healthy as can be!  Here’s hoping we find all the time we need to finish everything up and still have some time to maybe go to a movie (something everyone keeps telling me to do) before this mover and shaker arrives!

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July 9, 2014 - 12:23 pm

Gramma - The babes room is beautiful…..only thing really missing is the babe.
Why would you need to go to a movie, when you’re getting so much pleasure out of prepping?
The last little while is so hard when you just really want to lay baby in that bed or stroller….I remember, even if it’s long ago.
Lots of love, gram

July 9, 2014 - 12:58 pm

Lisa G. - Thanks Gramma! & I thought the same thing! 😉

July 9, 2014 - 5:58 pm

Jaz - I absolutely love and admire how you have created such a beautiful gender neutral space. Good luck finding a paint colour for the cupboard doors and for these last 10 weeks! So excited for you! xxx

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