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I know I didn’t post about the results of our anatomy ultrasound last month, but if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you already know that we will be bringing home another sweet baby GIRL in October!

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That day was such a blur! I remember being so giddy and unsure of how to contain my excitement. We had a prenatal in the morning and the heartbeat registered at 144 which was the lowest it had ever been and TOTALLY threw me off! I know it’s an old wives tale, but I thought I remembered that Lyric’s heartbeat was never ever lower than 155, (but I checked the other day and was wrong) so at the time that just made me think that we might be finding out that our second bean would be a boy when I felt so sure that it was a girl!

I know that so many people think that finding out the gender before the baby is born “ruins the surprise” but the day of our ultrasound was one of the most exciting days since finding out we were pregnant! I might not be holding this baby girl in my arms but I feel more bonded to her knowing that I’m carrying my second baby girl and that her daddy will be wrapped around her finger in no time. We can talk to Lyric about her baby sister and imagine what it will be like for her to have that sisterly bond every day until her arrival.

I should file this under the “What I’ve Learned” headline, but having experienced learning the gender of my babies in both the delivery room and the ultrasound room, I can assure you that it is absolutely no less of an overwhelmingly joyous occasion one way or the other.  There is simply nothing better you can experience during a pregnancy, whether it be in the middle or right as it’s coming to an end, than hearing that your child is healthy; and whether you’ll be raising a gentleman in the making or a darling little ballerina is just the added cherry blessing on top of the sundae miracle.

24 Week Field Notes:

Nausea + exhaustion: Things have been pretty dang smooth these last few months! A couple of days after my last update where I think I said something along the lines of “spending the summer pregnant!? I love it!” we had this insane heat wave and I thought I was going to DIE. Wedding days are proving to be a little more difficult this time around, too, which I also blame on the heat. Shooting weddings means that we only get a few minute-long breaks throughout the day so it’s tricky to make sure I’m getting enough food and water before feeling just plain exhausted and dehydrated in this hot and humid weather. But I do my best!

Boobs: So this is what it would feel like to have rock hard DDD implants…

Appetite:  I remember with Lyric that I went from being a bottomless pit to feeling painfully full after just a few bites in a matter of days, and the same thing happened this time. I was thoroughly enjoying the eat-however-much-of-whatever-I-want train I was on until last week, but nowadays I feel like I’m going to bust at the seams after just a few smackrels. sad face.

Round ligament pain:  Not much for growing pains goin’ on. I’m prettyyyy damn sure I’m showing more at this stage than I was last time. I’m measuring the same as I was with Lyric, but… yeah, no, I don’t care what the tape measure says, I’m going to be beached by 40 weeks.

Cravings + aversions: Still favoring salty and spicy more than sweet

Sleep:  Uninterrupted most nights, thankfully! As long as I’m cool, I’m in dreamland, no problem.

Movement: The last couple of weeks our little miss has really ramped up her gymnastics! If she’s still in the same position she was at our 19 week ultrasound, she loves to kick and punch pretty consistently all day long which I’m loving. She’s made a nice little habit of squirming around the most first thing in the morning before I get out of bed (which is my absolute favorite way to start the day) and I can almost always count on her getting comfortable again right before bed which is when dad gets to feel some of those love punches, too. She’s so consistently active throughout the day that last week when we were on holidays she was really quiet and must have slept those two days away because she had me totally freaked out.

Daddy G: This man I am so incredibly thankful for. Witnessing his relationship with his girls is something I will never ever take for granted. It’s so different than I’m used to having with my own dad and it makes me the proudest wife and mother to know that they will always have a strong relationship built on love and trust and lots and lots of laughter. =)

Big sister status: I’ve secretly always loved hearing other kids guess if pregnant bellies are boys or girls. Kids seem to have crazy intuition so I also tend to take their guess more seriously than anyone else’s 😉 Lyric always consistently guessed she would have a “seester” and she was right! I get emotional at just the thought of her being a big sister – she is going to be the BEST.

What I’ve learned: See above. Also, the fact that I despise bending over needs to make this list somewhere.

Highlights:  Finally feeling movement regularly after what felt like a long wait (my placenta IS anterior again!) / making progress in Lyric’s new room / hearing Lyric say “baby seester”

Lowlights: I got bronchitis that lasted weeks and needed antibiotics to finally put my nasty cough at bay. Nothing like being sick and not being able to take anything. =P
During my pregnancies I’ve always gone into Sherwood park for my prenatal appointments and seen Dr. Anderson-Hill who is a women’s health and maternal care specialist (love, love, LOVE her!) mainly because I’ve never held a “family” practitioner in Vegreville for more than one or two appointments over the last ten years. It’s not the end of the world, but she took off all of July and August to spend with her family so I’m seeing her replacement in the meantime. She’s great, too, but Dr. Anderson-Hill is hard to beat, so I miss her already! But I can’t get into my OB until I’ll be 35 weeks, so I’ll get to see her one more time when she gets back from holidays, before this little lady is born!

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xo until next bumpdate!


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