{One Spooktacular Halloween}

I mean, really. What could possibly be more fun than getting to dress your kids up in whatever the heck you (or they) want on the one day a year that the rest of the world is doing the same?! I just love seeing everyone’s creativity and imaginations come to life! It seems that every year costumes get more intense, more life-like and equally as random which is part of what makes this holiday so much fun. Between Facebook, Instagram and kidlets running around my own neighborhood I saw a social butterfly (covered in social media icons and butterfly wings), life-sized emoticons, (Minions and Elsa’s galore which kids still somehow figure out how to make theirs unique and different from everyone else’s!) a handmade loofah sponge, a baby mouse IN a mouse trap! and so many other crazy unique, fun and adorable costumes!

This year I was NOT expecting to dress Lyric in more than two costumes. One for trick-or-treating and the other for a photo op that I knew wouldn’t last more than five minutes otherwise. But then somehow we managed to find ourselves with four. FOUR costumes. Pure crazy if you ask me. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make going to all the local festivities a little more fun have different costumes to send her in. Last year my mom picked out a hooded Sully (from Monsters Inc.) onesie for her with matching slippers so she wore that to dayhome, one of the two parties we took her to over the weekend and while trick-or-treating. The little ol’ lady costume we saw somewhere on the internet months ago and became our pick for her halloween photo. But then…then I bought a used strawberry costume when I forgot about the one my mom had picked up, and a handmade cabbage patch doll wig because they were my favorite doll growing up and I absolutely needed to make myself one in real life.

So, my friends, that is how you end up with one spooktacular Halloween and four costume changes. Why does everything look so much more adorable when it’s miniature?!?!

DIY tutorials will be posted…next year! Sooooo….Stay tuned for that 😉 haha

We hope you and your family had the most fun-filled Halloween weekend and still have LOTS of candy to snack on. =)


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