{My Love for Baby Wearing + 4 Tips for Doing it Comfortably}

Hi Friends! If you know me or follow my Instagram you know that I am an avid baby wearer and I’ve loved every minute that I’ve been able to do it with both of my girls. Right now, I’m in the season of life that involves trying to keep up with my 2.5 year old toddler (as in, literally trying to catch her while she’s running away from me because it’s ‘so much FUN, mommy!’ 🙉) and tending to the needs of her 5 month old little sister at the same time. Baby-wearing has helped me do it all and some days makes me think I could handle ten more of these rugrats even though my husband would totally disagree.  He thinks one for each hand is just right. I say one for each hand, one in the wrap and one on his shoulders is perfect. 😉

Baby wearing is more than just becoming hands-free though and for some parents it can mean the difference between feeling consumed by a colicky baby that just won’t go down and being able to prepare a meal while still comforting their baby. For me it’s ideal for days just like that, and ones that either Harlow or myself need some extra snuggles from each other. It’s also perfect for outings that don’t warrant bringing the stroller to. I baby wear a lot, and you guys have been asking a lot of questions about it!

Last week I took over Beluga Baby’s Instagram page where I shared my top four favorite ways to maximize the comfort of baby wearing for both you and your little baby beluga. The Beluga Baby wrap is my much preferred wrap over all the other brands and types of carriers that I’ve tried over the last three years. It comes with perfect instructions on how to wrap the fabric around yourself and wear your baby safely. So I wanted to put my suggestions here in case you missed the takeover or wanted an easy place to reference it in the future.

Here you go!

||the M E T H O D|| there’s certainly a proper way to put on the wrap to ensure baby’s safety (which is all explained in the booklet you get with your wrap!) but you don’t want to forget to make some fine tuning adjustments when you’re all wrapped up. Making sure the fabric is fanned out nicely across your back and especially over your shoulders will distribute the weight evenly and make sure there are no pressure points. Once you have a secure and comfortable ‘wrap job’ you’ll hardly feel the wrap at all. It’s like a far more comfortable version of being pregnant, really 💁🏻

||the C O C O O N|| The only thing you don’t want to put your babe in is close-toed sleepers because the gravity of their weight will cause it to pull on their little toes. Besides that you both can wear whatever you want! I love that the wrap is totally breathable and still creates a warm and cozy cocoon while I’m baby-wearing. Your body heat will play a part in both your and baby’s comfort, so to maximize it, dress your little one in something that’s just as comfy and breathable as the wrap and check to make sure any buttons or zippers haven’t crept up under baby’s chin.

|| the W R A P N A P || When I’m wearing Harlow I try to wear a top that has a normal or higher neckline and no zippers. There’s a really good chance your babe will enjoy a little nap in her wrap, or as us mamas call it: the beloved wrap nap! Harlow’s chubby cheeks will stick to my chest while she’s sleeping if my neckline is too low, so a layer of fabric between keeps us both dry and gives her a little bit of a pillow too. 😴

||the C O M P A R I S O N|| with my oldest I tried a convertible buckle wrap, a sling wrap and I used a similar style of fabric wrap as the Beluga Baby. I continually tried them all with hopes of finding one that I thought was just right. None of them fit the bill. The buckle wrap was way too rigid and uncomfortable for us both. The sling wrap was a challenge to put on and I just didn’t trust myself to let go of her which meant I wasn’t hands free. The fabric wrap was the best of them all but I couldn’t wear it for extended periods of time and I never did find just the right tension. It was like a modern day story of Goldie Locks and the three baby wraps 😂

The second I put on my Beluga Baby wrap for the first time I messaged Haley telling her all the differences I noticed between them. The bamboo fabric is a game changer! 🙌🏻  It’s so much more breathable and soft, and incredibly stretchy which makes it so easy to get a perfectly comfortable fit every time. It only took a few times and ever since I know exactly how tight to tie the wrap to find that sweet spot before I put Harlow in. I love it and she loves it too.

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This post was sponsored by Beluga Baby in exchange for product. A fabric wrap is truly one of my must-have baby products and the Beluga Baby is the only brand I will use myself or purchase for someone that I love.

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