{Manly Arm Candy + A Jord Watch Giveaway}

Is it just me, or is the sexiest part of a man his hands? A strong pair of hands that show signs of a hard days work but are soft while cradling your babies and can grab your butt with a firm but gentle grip. hahaha! I’m getting off track because this post is about a watch but if you’re like me you would agree that a gorgeous and manly watch just accentuates the sexiness. 😉


Davin wears a watch every single day. He invests in one and wears it for a few years before scouting out a new one, but so far they’ve all be relatively similar. Heavy, stainless steel and usually dark in color. His newest addition is unlike anything else in his prior collection and he says is quickly becoming his favorite. Jord Wood Watches hooked him up with a stunner of a watch that’s dark brown with a bright emerald face and gold detailing. It’s the Dark Sandalwood + Emerald watch from their Frankie series and fits his taste (& mine) perfectly. The difference with this one is though, that it’s made from Sandalwood so it’s “light as hell” in his words and looks and feels nothing like his other watches. Here’s what he has to say about it:

As soon as I sized it up and put it on my wrist, I was amazed at how light this watch felt and so different-feeling compared to my previous heavy steel watches. It took a while to get used to but after several weeks of wearing it, I am in love with it! The rich dark wood paired with the deep emerald face and classy gold accents with Swiss movement give this watch the perfect amount of class mixed with functionality – perfect for everyday use whether I’m wearing it casually around the house or dressed up and shooting a wedding. I’m quite enjoying all the compliments I’ve already got from friends and strangers just in a few short weeks. I love everything about this watch and its unique attributes fit well in my ever-growing watch arsenal. Oh…the packaging is pretty slick and was too nice to throw out so I use it as a watch stand on my night table. Thanks for hooking me up, JORD!

In my humble opinion it looks hot hot HOT on his arm which is all I care about. =D


Now for the best part! I’ve partnered with JORD to give you the chance to win a $75 store credit towards any watch on their website, but just for entering you’ll get a $20 store credit emailed to you! (Discount codes expire on February 28, 2017)

To enter the giveaway, go HERE


This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches



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