{In a Field Full of Horses, Be a Unicorn}

I’ve shared quite a few snaps from our maternity photos over the last couple weeks, and even hosted a little giveaway to Pink Blush, where my dress is from – & that was fun! but I wanted to share them here where I don’t have to pick and choose just one. 😉

A bunch of people have asked us if we own these adorable minis or how we got so lucky to have them as photo-bombers for this shoot. On our way back from the lake September Long weekend we were half an hour from home as we passed a pasture with miniature horses in it. I looked at Davin first to point and yell for him to look how CUTE they were, then quickly put the idea in his head that THAT was where we had to do our photos which we decided to do ourselves a few weeks earlier. Fast forward a few weeks later and many – MANY – phone calls trying to track down who owned the property and we finally had permission to spend an evening in the dreamiest little spot.

And what if I told you that some of the horses are pregnant and going to have MINIATURE miniature horses in the spring!? Seriously…I think I would die if I got to see these babies. There was one mama especially that I think definitely knew we had something in common. She followed us everywhere and is looking at either Lyric or myself in every photo she’s in. I’m sure you’ll spot her <3

Lyric went crazy for them and kept yelling ‘HORSIES!!’ She had absolutely no fear getting close to them or tossing oats in their direction. This was one of the more enjoyable things for us to watch our fearless girl do haha. And strange enough, they seemed to like her much better than Dav or I even if we offered them a handful of oats, too. They must have just appreciated her excitement 😉

Most of the photos I took of Davin or he took of me, so we only had to set up our tripod for the tricky task of trying for just one family photo. Davin couldn’t find the remote before we left, so that meant he had to run back and forth. Oye. But we only tried four times and somehow managed to get ONE! Those odds are much better than I would have anticipated!


Can’t wait to meet you Baby H. <3

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