{Ikea Hack: Hemnes Bed Frame}

So many people I know have the Hemnes bed frame from Ikea. I think it’s popular because of it’s clean lines and simplicity, but it lacks the comfort factor that many other bed frames and headboards can add to your bedroom and the bed itself. I decided to finally upgrade to a plush headboard that I’ve always wanted and that would make a statement in our bedroom by helping to make our bed the focal point. Problem was, most plush headboard styles are wall mount, meaning they don’t come with an actual bed frame. I did a little bit of research but came up short when looking for a decent looking frame (sans headboard of course) which left me with the only option known to me: the traditional metal mattress frame.


We’ve had that style of frame before buying the Hemnes years ago, but I hated it for many reasons and definitely didn’t want to revert back to it, especially when I was upgrading the headboard in style and comfort. The height of our mattress as it is, was also something we didn’t want to change because it lined up perfectly with our night stands. So I figured, what the hell, I’m just going to cut off the headboard on the Ikea frame to make room for the new headboard and eliminate having to worry about all of those things.


We commissioned the help of our friend, Dwight, included bribery in the form of pizza and beer so all the heavy lifting could get done without making me go into labor. It’s situations like these that, in our household, is nice to have a referee/witness around because Davin almost always wants to challenge what I have planned right smack in the middle of doing them. So I have Dwight to thank for keeping him distracted in between jobs just as much as I do for helping us out all evening!

Step 1: While the mattress is still on the Hemnes frame, draw a line approximately 2-3 lower than the top of the mattress and use a level to draw a straight line across the width of it.

Measuring down a few inches will ensure you won’t see the cut edge when the new headboard is hung on the wall and the bed is pushed up under and against it.


Step 2: Using a skill saw cut the top of the Hemnes headboard off. I lightly sanded away any rough pieces along the cut edge before taping over with with some black heavy duty gaffers tape just to conceal it and prevent any wood dust or splinters from coming loose.


Step 3: Push the bed back up against the wall just close enough that, while holding the headboard above, you can mark on the wall where the headboard needs to hang. In our case, we needed to relocate the hangers on the back of it so they would fasten to the batten on the wall and sit flush.


Step 4: Once it’s hung and level, push the Hemnes frame back up against the wall and you’ll see the headboard will hide any rough cut surfaces and it’ll look like it’s all a part of one frame.


Voila! The finished look is here



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September 21, 2016 - 10:11 am

{Master Bedroom Reveal} » ohmygee.ca - […] Our original bed frame was a purchase I made on a whim from good ol’ Ikea when our traditional metal mattress frame had scratched the floor and nearly broke my foot one too many times. It has done the trick but we can all agree that it certainly doesn’t scream luxury and comfort. The new headboard is from Bouclair Home and because it’s just a wall-mount headboard I opted to use our existing Ikea bed frame instead of having to revert back to the metal kind. So that brings me to this Ikea hack where we sawed off the headboard on the old frame to make room for the new headboard. It was a quick and painless hack that made such a difference and saved us from having to go out and buy a new frame or sacrifice the height of our bed which neither of us wanted – so check it out here! […]

September 21, 2016 - 10:54 am

Davin - Awesome work by awesome dudes!

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