{How to Create a Minimalist Office in a Small Space}

Operation “Move the Office” is complete! I have to admit I’m pretty darn impressed with how fast this happened. I was feeling pretty nervous that the whole cleaning it out and selling the furniture and buying new furniture and just getting it done would be a long drawn out process. Especially with wedding season starting this weekend and trying to get things going in the old office so it can become Lyric’s new room sooner rather than later.

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But it’s done! (this part, anyways).  I purged the hell out of old bills and files I was saving – for what reason; I do not know. And the top shelf in Davin’s closet (which resides in the old office) also got the magic touch of my unforgiving hand and is pretty much free from empty boxes and other useless office supplies we never used.

Besides the necessities for the business I got rid of almost every other office trinket we had because it’s just not worth storing when we might need it once a year, and now we simply don’t have the room. So the hole punch, boxes of extra hanging folders, and eight hundred binder clips have all been re-homed. The new “office” is now at the end of our dining room and consists of not much more than the computer, external hard drives, compact flash memory cards, chargers, a few paper clips and that. is. it. The one filing cabinet we have left will likely venture downstairs or into the bottom of the coat closet in the hallway because we don’t want it shoved under one end of the desk making it look cluttered all over again.

Photo 2016-05-30, 7 24 57 PMPhoto 2016-05-30, 7 25 16 PM

I’m loving the new “office” and the fact that it screams clean and organized to me every time I look in that direction. And lemme tell you, I slept damn good last night knowing I won’t ever have to clean a cluttered desk ever again.

We bought the “Micke” desk from Ikea. It was similar in size to the sideboard we had there, that everyone knows we called by its Ikea name, thee Bjursta, so we knew it would fit the space well. It has two drawers but ones not large enough to eventually store a bunch of junk. And it still has room on either side for my snake plants.

Photo 2016-05-30, 7 26 27 PMPhoto 2016-05-30, 7 27 40 PMPhoto 2016-05-30, 7 28 17 PM

Davin was a little devastated when I told him it was time to pack his belongings and hit the dining room but he’s pretty thrilled with his spot which is far better than being hidden away in the corner of the house all summer long while editing. Until we got the desk built last night he was temporarily set up just on the end of the dining room table, but he seemed to think that he’d be just fine there and we didn’t need to do anything else to that space… I don’t know why he does this, but once in a while he tries to overrule my design plans with his own totally insane ideas, knowing that it never ends in his favor and he always has to admit that I was right – even if I do have to beat it out of him sometimes 😉

Photo 2016-05-30, 7 36 13 PMPhoto 2016-05-30, 7 36 50 PM

Before:Photo 2016-05-30, 6 47 11 PM

Photo 2016-05-30, 7 25 16 PM

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June 1, 2016 - 2:53 am

Cindy Kimball - I love it! I can’t wait to see Lyric’s new room and the little changes you’ll make to Baby G’s room! xoxo

June 1, 2016 - 9:54 am

Lisa G. - thanks mom!

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