{DIY Ombre Painting}

I needed one more print to hang in the nursery last week and decided to whip up something myself.  I already had a good variety of quotes & maternity photos hung so I figured a simple painting would add a splash of color without overwhelming that corner.


Using some colored & white acrylic paint I already had on hand, and a white textured piece of card stock that I cut to fit the frame, I settled on something ombre because I figured it’d be super easy and impossible to screw up.


Figuring that four shades would be good for the 5 x 7 mat, I started there and added white to three of the four color ‘blobs’ for lack of a better word, until I was happy with the ombre.  I made sure to start with the darkest shade first, and work my way to the lightest.  It meant having to wash the brush in between each color stroke, but doing it that way meant that when I got through the four shades, decided I had room for one more and it needed a fifth shade, I could mix up another shade lighter.  In fact, I just added more white to the lightest shade I already had.  If I had started painting with the lightest first I would have had to add black to the base teal color to try to make it darker and I don’t think it would have turned out as well.


So there you have it – pretty darn simple!  Pick a paint color, add white to all but one color ‘blob’ until you’re happy with the ombre effect and have at ‘er! One thing I should point out is to start with less paint on the brush that you think it’ll take.  That’ll help to make sure you get the brushed effect at the top and bottom of each line if you like how mine turned out. =)


You can check out how it looks in it’s place in the nursery here.



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