{DIY Magnetic Chalkboard}

If this post isn’t proof that mommy brain exists then I don’t know what is!

Last year I turned a picture frame into a fabric-covered bulletin board.  This year, I decided to mix it up and make it a chalkboard.  Since it’s in the kitchen it’s the perfect spot to create a seasonal picture, make it a calender or maybe even write the all the cute things Lyric says when she starts talking.

I thought being able to add little garnishes to it would be a fun touch, so this chalkboard is magnetic.


I took out the cork board and fabric covering from the frame and used the backing to trace the size onto a sheet of proboard we had from our photo studio that we’re not using.  Normally, you would just paint the glass of the frame, but I threw it out when I made the bulletin board.


I painted on the back side of the proboard because the front is a glossy white, which doubles as a dry erase board just by flipping it around.


The magnetic paint acts a primer so you’re able to paint over it with regular paint, or in my case, chalkboard paint.  I got it from Canadian Tire for about $40.  The consistency of the magnetic primer is extremely thick and it settles at the bottom while sitting on the shelf, so make sure you get the store to mix the can for you, preferably the same day that you’re going to use it.

The instructions say to do three thin coats, but I tested the strength of the board with a small magnet after and decided to do a fourth coat.  Then I applied two thin coats of chalkboard paint.

My picture frame is almost 2″ deep so I also painted some magnetic primer on the back of the backing so I could hide the seasonal accents there when I’m not using them.


Once it’s completely dry, prime the board with the side of a piece of chalk by rubbing it all over then washing it off.  There should be a little bit of residual chalk left after one wash, but you can leave that.  I think it adds some character rather than a perfectly clean board.


Next, I glued a few small magnetic buttons on the back of some decorative pieces I picked out, using a hot glue gun.


Once they dried I placed them on the board where I wanted them to be, then wrote out a holiday greeting for Christmas.  I tried my hand at it a time or two until I was perfectly happy with how it looked and hung it on the wall.IMG_4898IMG_4897

Then Davin came home hours later and laughed his guts out when he saw that I missed the ‘T’ in Christmas…

Apparently even when the baby sleeps you’re mind still isn’t all there because all you think to yourself is Yusss, I’m getting so much done! instead of actually paying attention to what it is you’re doing.

I had it hanging perfectly, had taken my photos for this post, edited them and uploaded them…and never once noticed that I spelled Christmas wrong, other than thinking the word looked a little lopsided in height. Le Sigh!

I did take it down and fix it, but I was far too stubborn to take all new photos so I leave you with one very Chrismasey shot of the almost finished product. 😉



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