{DIY Hairbow & Headband Holder}

With two little girls in the house it is only natural that we have a healthy collection of bows, clips, headbands, shoes, dresses, and anything else that their mother deems completely adorable and a must-have. The darling shoes and sweetheart dresses serve their purpose then get packed away when they no longer fit, but the hair accessories are here to stay! 

Since welcoming Harlow and having another perfect little head to dress, our collection has grown…let’s just say, a LOT in the last few months. I originally had them stored in one of the drawers of the change table and the ones that they wore more often on the hexagonal storage shelf I made in Lyric’s room. But it was a hassle every day to find the one I was looking for, so I decided it as time to make a permanent spot for them to be on display. 

Thing was, I didn’t really want them on the walls in either of the girls’ rooms but still wanted to have easy access to them all. So I figured the inside of the French doors on the closet in the nursery was the perfect spot. I sifted through all of my crafting supplies and found everything I needed to whip up a new home for all of our headbands and hair clips. Here are the instructions for everything you need to make your own! 

You’ll need:

  • Foam board
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • A square or ruler
  • Exacto knife
  • 3M Velcro adhesives 
  • 1-3/4″ clothes pins 
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Wrapped floral wire for hair clips (not pictured)


  • Measure the length you want the holder and measure one strip for every holder you want to make. Mine were 13″ long x 1-1/2″ tall. Use the square to make straight lines and the exacto knife to score it then you should be able to break them off the rest of the way. 
  • Next you have to cut the same number of foam strips for the backing. This is to raise the first set of strips you made (which is what holds the hair bows) away from the wall so your clothespins have room to clip on. Mine were 13″ x 3/4″ 
  • Hot glue gun them together with one long edge lining up
  • Use whatever ribbon you choose and hot glue gun that to the face of the wide strip. Mine overlapped on the bottom a bit but I didn’t bother trimming it since the foam edges are unfinished and the ribbon looked neat and helped to hide them
  • Use the 3M strips and press securely on to the back and outside edges of the ‘backing strip’. From the back view you can see where there’s now room for the clothespins to clasp
  • Press securely onto the surface where you want them to hang. If you don’t have French doors,  the you back of a bedroom door would work just as well!
  • Once they’re fastened to the door/wall start clipping your headbands on! 
  • For the hair clip version: do all the same steps as above. After the ribbon is glued on, but before fattening to the wall, bend your floral wire around the front of the holder and around each side. Leave just a little bit of slack (so you can hang and remove your clips with ease) then secure the two ends on the back using a hot glue gun (I forgot to add the photo showing this so I’ll update this post with it soon!)

I’m seriously so impressed with how pretty these turned out and how simple they were to make (I had everything at home)! The 3M strips were the PERFECT way to mount them to the wall because they won’t damage the doors (or wall) if I remove them, and because they’re Velcro I can mix up the arrangement if I need to as our collection gets even bigger 😉 and since they hold between 5-9 pounds I have no worries about them getting weighed down and falling off. 

Although I made them for hair accessories, I’ve also been hanging our teething necklaces on them, and they would work just as well for bow ties if the little man in your life has a variety of them! So if you make these let me know!! I would love to see how you use this DIY in your home! 

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