{Davin’s 27th Birthday}

Last week Davin turned the big 2-7.  Not that I think that he’s old, (although I do tell him that), but it does kind of freak me out.  This year our twenties will be over half gone already!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, EVERYTHING is more fun with a little one around! We surprised Davin when he came home at lunch with party hats and balloons and little miss loved his reaction when he came in the door. Well, at first she wasn’t sure why I was making her wear the thing, but eventually she thought it was fun!  Then she sat on her dad’s lap while he opened his cards and ate his birthday cake and fought off her little hands from trying to grab and eat everything. Opening presents: also so much more fun than ever before!

DSCF2189DSCF2192Photo 2015-02-26, 2 20 13 PMDSCF2196DSCF2182Photo 2015-02-26, 12 08 32 PM

At Dav’s office it’s mandatory to bring your own celebratory birthday dessert, so I usually make cupcakes or a cake and send it to work with him.  This year Lyric and I went and spent their afternoon break with everyone and ate cake.  Lyric looked around and smiled the whole time they sang happy birthday to him. She just melts my heart!

I’ve had this cake recipe picked out for a few months now that I’ve been thinking of making for Lyric’s first birthday party, so I figured this was a good time to try it.

The cake recipe I used is a funfetti strawberry cake batter with buttercream icing from Sprinkle Bakes. The cake itself was really good. Super moist and tasted like fresh strawberries.  The color was a much deeper red than the website though, and I didn’t use food color as it suggests. I wish it was a little more pink than red but the flecks of confetti were still easily seen and were really pretty.

I originally wanted to make a ‘naked’ cake where the outside isn’t iced so you can see the is the flecks of confetti in the batter around all the edges, kind of like this one.

Photo 2015-03-05, 10 35 02 AM
Image via Instagram

But it turns out if you don’t have all those pretty flowers to decorate all around it, a naked cake doesn’t look nearly as pretty, ‘naked’.  So after I layered it I just dirty iced the edges so you could still see the pink cake beneath it.  I stuck some fresh strawberries around it let it be.  It turned out okay, I suppose. It tasted great! But I’m not sure if this is the cake I want to try to make for Lyric’s first birthday.  If I’m going to stick with the naked cake, I’ll have to try it a few more times to get it to look right.  If I’m going to ice it I’ll probably head to Pinterest and find something to re-create that looks a lot prettier. Although I do want to stick with a tiered cake since I bought all the tools for it.  Looks like I’ll be baking a lot of cakes between now and September!


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