{Bringing Home Baby + Dock A Tot Review}

Well… Dav and I are just a few days shy of earning our two week medal for successfully parenting not one,  but two humans! Harlow Savvy joined our tribe on November 2nd and so far, seems to be quite content with her new home. Lucky for us because she is so incredibly sweet and loved by all of us.


I know it’s only been 12 days which is peanuts compared to the lifetime of parenting ahead of us, but life with a toddler and newborn in it has been pretty darn blissful! Harlow eats like a champ, puts up with constant kisses from the three of us, and Lyric has adjusted to having a baby at home better than we ever could have dreamed.

Davin spent a little over a week at home with us during which we made some of my absolute favorite memories together. I am so grateful for his help in all areas. Encouraging me to rest and making the most of every quality minute with his girls and I. I will never forget getting to spend an extra hour in bed each morning snuggling Harlow and listening to Lyric make coffee and breakfast in the kitchen with her daddy…before she so sweetly barged into my room yelling “MOMMY WAKE UP! BABY WAKE UP! COME EAT!” hahah

We have one other sidekick to thank for our first weeks at home being so easy, and that’s the Dock a Tot…aka the baby sleep whisperer. Harlow was born in the wee hours of the morning so we spent one and a half days in the hospital because doctors require 24 hours to rule out jaundice. That first night she made it very clear that she wasn’t a fan of the bassinet, so I slept sitting upright with her on my chest. However uncomfortable it was, I figured one night wasn’t so bad and tried placing her in her bassinet in our room when we got home. Well, she wasn’t a fan of that either.



On day three we went for a walk and two people told me I looked tired even though I thought I was feeling pretty darn good. I thanked them sarcastically and that night I pulled out the big guns.

When Lyric was a baby she slept in her bassinet just fine. But around 4 or 5 months she stopped sleeping in her crib in her room for more than an hour or so at a time. I was starving for a good nights sleep but I wasn’t comfortable co-sleeping until she was a little older. Those were some looooong ass months getting up so often to put her back to sleep over and over and over again. When we did finally bring her to bed so I could get some sleep, I woke up sore every morning from lying completely still all night.


This time around, I was excited to reap the benefits of co-sleeping and having Harlow close to me all night, especially if it meant she would sleep longer stretches.  But I never would have done it if I didn’t know she was completely safe in her own little bed within ours. (Another huge benefit for me was not having to climb in and out of our bed at every feed to get her from her bassinet. My back was (is) totally screwed up since my last few weeks of pregnancy and I couldn’t lift her from her bassinet and into our bed to nurse even with it right beside me without being in a ton of pain. C-section mamas, I think this would benefit you in so many ways!)

The Dock A Tot is made from all non-toxic materials, the cover is 100% cotton fabric making it totally breathable, and I feel the freedom to move in my sleep WAY more than I ever did with Lyric which leaves me feeling much more well-rested come the morning. Truthfully, I can’t tell you how much peace of mind (and rest!) this thing has given me. Harlow’s first night in her Dock A Tot she did three, 3 hour stretches! Since then she’s gone 4 hours and has only ever woken to eat which is a huge improvement from her first two nights on planet earth.

It’s amazing what ‘gadgets’ as my mom and grandma would call them, there are to help our generation in the hood of parenting. Granted, some are a lot more ridiculous than others but I am so very thankful to be lucky enough to raise children in a time where the innovation and functionality of said gadgets helps this mama achieve a good night’s sleep and keeps my babies safe while I get it.

Proud big brother & sister <3


Also! How cute is Lyric in her Finn + Emma jammies!? Super soft, super comfy and toddler approved!







This post was sponsored by Dock A Tot & Finn + Emma. All opinions are my own.

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February 2, 2017 - 11:36 pm

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