{Baby’s First Christmas 2014}

It’s been almost a month since Christmas but I’m still buzzing from the near week we go to spend with my side of the family during the holidays.  For the last 5 years or so Davin and I have been able to alternate Christmases between our families and it’s worked really well for us.  One year with my side, the next with his.  My family is spread out all over Alberta and Saskatchewan so only having to travel every other year is really nice.  There’s five of us (between my three sisters, my mom and I) and we take turns hosting…which means Christmas will be at our house once every ten years, haha.

This year it was at my eldest sister, Paula’s, in Longview.  They moved there about a year ago and we hadn’t been to visit yet, so getting to spend Christmas nestled right beside the Rockies was a new experience we’d be happy to re-live!


Everyone was there except my sister Laurie and her kids because of her work schedule. (Boo – who has to work on Christmas eve!?)

My mom made all of my favorite dishes that were on the table every Christmas growing up – like German cabbage rolls, nuts & bolts, and of course, turkey, mashed potatoes and all the trimmings.  My sister Amanda showed up with a truck load of baking and Paula made her version of baby pizza mix, another family favorite.  I provided a broccoli salad and an adorable baby for entertainment.  =)

Because there’s so many of us (13 adults & 2 kids) we opted to do a Chinese Gift Exchange which was lots of fun. There was lots of Longview beef jerky up for grabs and only a few hard feelings after all the gifts were claimed.  Sorry for stealing that vase, Skyler!


Between Davin and I we decided to each buy three (ha!) things for Lyric that we thought the each other would like.  So I bought things for her that I thought Davin would like and did he the same for me.  I got her a Beastie Boys inspired “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” onesie, her first camera from Twig Creative, and an outfit declaring she doesn’t need a prince because she has Daddy.  All true!  “I” got some adorable outfits Davin picked from Baby Gap and an incredibly fashionable handmade black and gold two-piece that I can’t wait to see her in.  We also got each other and Lyric her first pair of Christmas Eve pjs.


Lyric gave her grandparents a coffee mug with her little footprints on them. Oh my goodness, they turned out so cute!!


Not only was it Lyric’s first Christmas, it was also the first time that some of my family got to meet her.  Becoming a parent has gifted me lots of epiphanies that didn’t cross my mind beforehand, but one of my favorites is how much seeing the people that I love spend time with my little girl makes my heart want to burst. When I was still pregnant I secretly thought I would never want to give her over to anyone, but now I always catch myself staring ,with a grin from ear to ear, at other people interacting with her.  Sometimes I wonder if people think I’m just hovering but I can’t help myself, and getting to spend a week doing just that was amazing!  My mom, who burst into tears the moment she got to hold Lyric again since she was two weeks old, snuggled her and spoiled her all week.  She also discovered Lyric’s LOVE for ‘flying’ on her belly into people’s faces. That had us all laughing for hours. All the muscle-y men in the house turned to mush when they cuddled her or made crazy faces just to make her laugh, and everyone else put up a great fight over who got to hold her first and for how long.  That’s what made my Christmas a great one.  =)



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