{Baby Shower Gift Guide}

Before becoming a mom and determining what my favorite baby products were throughout the first year, I used to gift pretty standard items at baby showers. Things like clothes, a plush animal, blankets, diapers – all GREAT gift ideas! But since joining the mom club I’ve wanted to gift my friends the things that I couldn’t live without, things that you might not think you need, but definitely do, and things that just made life easier.


Now that I’m gearing up for those newborn days again I’ve got these things on my mind. And now that our friends are finally having babies (!!!) I have babies showers to attend!

{Our dear friends Derek & Desiree welcomed the most adorable little girl to our circle of friends recently and I just have to take a moment to say how much I LOVE HER.}

This is my Baby Shower Gift Guide:

Nose Frida Snot Sucker Nasal Aspirator: I’m not sure why they didn’t give this thing the glamorous name it deserves. Like “The Results are Worth Every Booger” or “So Gross But So Worth It” or “The Key to Outsmarting the Infant Common Cold.” If your friends just had their first baby chances are they followed the age old protocol and bought themselves a bulb aspirator before baby was born and have yet to find that they work better as a door stop than as a snot remover.


In all seriousness though, the traditional bulbs DO NOT work. It sounds disgusting, and believe me, it is – but when your baby can’t breath through his nose because of a cold or low humidity in the house, or what ever the reason, he won’t be able to latch to eat. He’ll just scream and trust me, you’ll do anything to help him and the best way to do that is by sucking snot with the Nose Frida. Give your friends the gift of a snot-free baby. And don’t worry, there’s a filter.

Zippered Sleepers: Don’t ask me why 99% of infant sleepers have snaps on them. No sane parent wants to spend the minimum of 16 times it will take to get them matched up perfectly at 2, 4 and 6 in the morning.

Rocky Mountain Baby: At Lyric’s baby shower our cousins got us the Baby Bum Powder and a lavender Baby Body Bar from Rocky Mountain Soap Co. and Davin and I really liked them both. Davin has a weird phobia of getting lotion on his hands because “it’s greasy and doesn’t wash off” (I have no idea what that’s about) so after baths he used the body bar in it’s dispenser all over Lyric without getting his hands “greasy”. The baby powder I love because it’s talcum free, has lavender essential oil in it to help soothe and goes on incredibly light and silky.



Mother’s Milk Tea Bags: If I know that my friend is planning to breastfeed I like to include a few bags of Mother’s Milk tea. When I was nursing Lyric I noticed my supply change a lot as her sleep habits changed and as growth spurts came and went. One week I would have an oversupply and the next week I felt like I wasn’t producing enough. When I felt like my supply dropped I would go into panic mode and of course I would try anything to get it back up again. But I wanted something NOW, not the next day, so I give a few tea bags with the hope of sparing mom from some of the anxieties that come with nursing. Mother’s Milk tea bags worked for me (and so did chugging a Guiness beer) 😉 I also drank it whenever I was trying to pump extra to store in the freezer.


Oxy Clean Baby Stain Remover: Nothing and I mean nothing can prepare you for the amount of poop stains your poor dear friends are about to endure. I know not all babies earn themselves a reputation for pooing outside their diaper, but I used to call Lyric the Blowout Queen. I wasn’t about to replace her clothes & sleepers & blankets & sheets every time it happened so when I found a stain remover that worked I think it’s only fair to arm my friends with the best one there is so they stand a fighting chance.

A Second Nursing Pillow: Whether mom and dad are planning to breast feed or bottle feed there’s a 99% chance they already got themselves a nursing pillow. One is great but two is even better! Bouncing back and forth between the nursery and the living room happened all day every day and there’s nothing worse that sitting down and realizing you don’t have your pillow, especially when baby is hangry! I bought myself one and we were gifted a second one at our baby shower and it was a lifesaver having one in the two most common places where I nursed.

Snuggabear: Aka lovie, stuffie, little-animal-thing-with-a-tiny-blanket-attached. This little thing easily tops my list of things that I didn’t know I needed but I am so glad I had. Someone gave us the infamous snuggabear that Lyric still loves more than anything. When she was between 3-5 months and her sleep habits started to really change there was a period of time that she would only sleep if I was holding/nursing her. I also noticed that when she was sleeping she would bury her face into me or cover her face with a blanket (which drove me crazy). Finally one day I gave her the snuggabear for the first time and for the first time in MONTHS she put herself to sleep by hugging it and snuggling her cheek against it. It gave her the comfort she wanted and it gave me so much extra time during the day. It’s actually really common for parents to introduce these to their babies at that age, and they’re considered safe since the blanket portion is so small. Over a year later and her snuggabear sleeps with her every night and is still her best friend, next in line to Oscar, of course.

A Book or Two: Simply because books never get old, most children love them and reading to Lyric was (and still is!) one of my favorite things to do with her, I gift some of my fav stories. If I can find them, I love giving classics like The Adventures of Peter Rabbit, Love you Forever, anything else by Robert Munsch or Guess How Much I Love You. This time though I found the perfect book that we thought Derek get a kick out of, so I went astray from my normal list. Apparently Jimmy Kimmel is a kids author and wrote a book that’s ‘guaranteed’ to make your kid say “dada” first. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s a gooder. Shocker: it’s called Dada.



Besides maybe being mid-flight, we can all agree that there’s no worse time than mid-parenting to realize you need something and don’t have it. I’ve always been a fan of practical gifts and I think these all make the cut. I also like that it’s unlikely your friends will be gifted multiples of these specific gadgets at their shower. I say give it two more years though for everyone to realize how amazing the Nose Frida is – people will start getting them by the dozen at their baby shower! haha!

If you’re on the hunt for more gift ideas for new parents you can’t go wrong with these items either:

  • Burp cloths
  • Diapers and wipes (just give a gift receipt so they can exchange them if they find they like a different brand; and size up! those stinkers grow so fast!)
  • Gift cards for take-out restaurants
  • More sleepers, sleepers and more sleepers of all sizes
  • Gripe Water and Infant Oval – both great to have on hand it might not be something that mom or dad knows could come in handy should baby have tummy troubles, which of course will happen for the first time between the hours of 2am and 6 am 😉
  • Diaper pail refills if you know they have one and what brand
  • A sleepsack if you are a parent and had a favourite. There’s so many different kinds out there but I file sleepsacks under the “my-baby-won’t-sleep-and-I-need-to-try-something-else-right-this-second” category so having one on hand can be a lifesaver!
  • And one last shameless plug – since Davin is now in the coffee roasting business, we threw in a bag of fresh roasted coffee beans because, well… babies are only asleep when you aren’t.

I’m curious what you think should make the list! Do you have a favorite go-to gift for baby showers, or what was the most useful thing you were gifted at yours?? Share the wealth!



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