{90% Complete: 36 Weeks}

Guys, I’m 36 weeks pregnant and can hardly believe it! I need this girl to stay put for at least two more weeks but I’m so excited to go into labor that I’m having a hard time making up my mind!

Mid Third Trimester Field Notes:

Nausea + exhaustion: I’m definitely slowing down and noticing that I need more sleep, but I’m done work now and started my mat leave yesterday (!) so I’m going to make sure I take this extra time off to rest as much as possible. Our dayhome provider had her little baby girl a month early and she was due just a week before me! This definitely has me feeling like we needed to get our butts in gear and get the car seat installed and pack our hospital bag because clearly these babies are boss! But at least taking an early leave means I have more time at home to prepare and do all of these last minute things that are kinda important haha.

Boobs: I don’t remember them getting achy towards the end with Lyric, but they are this time… Is this a sign that I should be paying attention to!? I think she’s going to come early so every little thing has me on high alert haha.

Increased appetite + heightened sense of smell: Just the other day I stopped needing to eat all day long and now I barely ever get hungry. I can go a good half of the day without feeling hungry which is kinda nice, except I’m genuinely concerned that I’ll run out of room and won’t get seconds and thirds at baba’s Thanksgiving dinner!! =(

Round ligament pain:  I wish that the subtle stretch of abdominal muscles was all I had to worry about with this babe, but muscle memory has proven to save me from nothing. I’ve pulled a few stomach muscles that are so incredibly painful if I reach too far or lift something too heavy. It feels like a knife stabbing me right in the middle of my belly which takes my breath away and stops me in my tracks. I’m SO excited to never feel that again.

Migraines: Just a couple minor headaches which I think are from lack of sleep.

Cravings + aversions: I’ve craved cereal this entire pregnancy. And fresh seafood! Davin’s parents were gone to the East coast in September and all of their food texts were pure torture!

Sleep:  Lying down (and climbing in and out of bed) is so incredibly uncomfortable right now, so the time in bed before I fall asleep is rough. I was sleeping through the night just fine with the exception of having to pee once or twice, but a couple weeks ago I started waking often because of how painful it is to move from side to side. Not to mention that her butt is literally squishing my diaphragm so if I’m lying down or even reclined I feel like I can’t breathe. She’s lucky I love her already.

Movement: All day every day! I think I might start asking around if any other moms noticed a resemblance between their baby’s activity in the womb and after they were born. If so, I’m going to have ANOTHER night owl on my hands!

Daddy G: I don’t know how he’s feeling these days to be honest. I’m so sure of how I’m feeling (anxious, excited, and not ready just yet) that I guess I just assume he’s feeling the same! I do think he’s feeling more ready than I am at this point and that she can arrive any time after we shoot our last wedding on October 8th. He’s like me and thinks she’ll come a week or two early though.

Big sister status:  A week or two ago I was putting Lyric to bed and asked her if I could lie down beside her while she fell asleep. Of course she scooted over and made room for me. I was brushing her hair with my hand and for the first time since early in this pregnancy I broke down. My little girl, who was a baby such a short time ago, is going to be a big sister in a matter of weeks. She is going to have no choice but to share our attention and adjust to having her world rocked without having any say. As much as I know she is so excited and has a genuine love and interest for this little baby she hasn’t even met, I can’t help but feel sad for all the times she’s going to feel left out or told to “wait” for the umpteenth time.

As soon as she noticed I was crying she looked and me and asked “mommy? cry?” to see if what she thought she was hearing was right since it was too dark to see. Before I could answer she rolled as close as she possibly could when she heard me sniffle, pushed her nose to mine and threw her arm around my neck and said “Don’t cry, mama. It’s okay mama, I gotchu.”


Naturally, I lost it. Every single moment that I spent comforting her in the last 24 months came full circle when she said that. I’ve always held her and said “I got you, baby” when she’s upset and needed love, and she couldn’t have picked a better moment to do the same thing for me. In that moment I felt like everything will okay, even on the hard days. I told her how much I love her and how proud I am of her and how baby sister is going to love her so much.

I know it will be hard on her and harder on me to see her having bad days, but we’ll have each other when we need a hug or to be reminded that we’re all there to help each other get through the growing pains. Our kids become our best friends, but just like our love for them, as parents we know and accept that we will always love them more. But that night my little girl made me feel like she has a best friend in me, too. I love her so incredibly much it’s hard to fathom sometimes.

What I’ve learned: When you document these little segments of your pregnancy and read them back you sure start to sound unpleasant towards the end! whoops! It’s obvious that adjusting your definition of comfort levels is non-negotiable in late pregnancy, but even when I’m uncomfortable I feel GOOD. Mentally and emotionally I’m excited and prepared and would be ready if this little girl decided to meet us tomorrow. It helps tremendously knowing that all of these aches and pains mean that we’re that much closer to bringing another child into the world and that my body is doing just what it is supposed to.

Highlights: Getting the all-clear on a healthy baby at our ultrasound a few weeks ago and seeing her little face for a brief moment. She is just like her sister, snuggled right up to my placenta which is anterior again. She’s lying with her head down and curled to my left, so my right rib cage bears the blow of tiny dancing feet for the second time around, too. =) That was such a relief because I kept feeling like she was breech! The pains I was having (which I know now were those pulled muscles) I thought might have been the result of her lying crooked – so glad they weren’t. Now just stay put, girlie!


Pulling off our own maternity photos! I was a little nervous, but we did it! We’ll share them on the blog soon =)

Lowlights: Having a really rough couple days that had me convinced I had Pubic Symphysis. My hips and pubic bone felt shattered making it nearly impossible to move and kept me up almost all night for an entire long weekend. Thank GOODNESS it was mostly just from the bed in our camper and I felt much better after just two nights back at home. It was honestly scary though, I give so much credit to moms who carry on with PS, I don’t know how you do it!

Looking forward to: Checks. hahaha As backwards as that sounds, I’m so curious if the second pregnancy is going to give me a little head start and I’ll actually dilate without being in labor for hours and hours and hours first! I’ve been feeling so. much.pressure. that sometimes I think she might just fall out. I know it could mean nothing, but even a little bit will make me happy and I’m just really anxious to know!

Maaaaaaybe this will be the last time I get to document this pregnancy? Maybe not, but we’re on the home stretch people and I’m exciiiiiiiiiiiiiited!!


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October 6, 2016 - 11:23 am

sara - Oh, you’re getting so close! Definitely in the home stretch. My pregnancies were so different and I love looking back on those posts now. And how sweet is your little lady! Melt my heart.

October 20, 2016 - 9:01 pm

Lisa G. - Thank you Sara! I feel the same way. Sometimes I think the little details are moot but I know that one day I will love looking back and being able to recall all of those little details and I hope my girls will too =)

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