{37 Week Bumpdate}

We’re bumpin’ right along and are officially full-term on Monday!

The nursery is complete, the car seat is installed and nesting is in full swing.  We are getting SO anxious to finally meet our little one and the excitement of finding out if I’ve been baking our son or daughter all this time is through the roof in our house!  I’m so happy we decided not to find out – the anticipation is so worth it and I know it’ll be the best surprise in the whole world! Everyone seems to have a guess about the gender, and some of our family has no doubt in their minds that they’re guess is right, while I’m sitting here and have absolutely no idea.  I feel like I’ll be the most surprised out of everyone!

Maternity (54 of 85)

full term field notes:

Comfort Level & Exhaustion: The fatigue and exhaustion is definitely there but isn’t anywhere near being the bane of my existence.  If I can, on weekends I’ll have a mid-day nap and I’ll sneak the odd one in after work during the week.  I might not be able to give’r like I used to, but my energy level is still nothing to complain about.  I’ve had no swelling or hip pain so I’m not complaining.

Vivid Dreams: I honestly can’t remember the last time I dreamt about anything.  I kind of miss having those crazy dreams, like in the first trimester.

Increased Appetite: I still eat three meals a day plus at least one snack either in the morning or afternoon, but I get full SO much faster.  It seems the baby has taken over every square inch of my womb and has decided there’s limited space for food.  I can drink gallons of water without even feeling it hit my stomach though.  Water and ice have been my favourite thing for weeks now.

Braxton Hicks: Strange enough I haven’t had any since 28 weeks, and that was only the second time I experienced them.  I thought since having them quite early, at 23 weeks, that they’d only get more common and more uncomfortable as I got further along, but it’s been 10 weeks, and nothing!

Bladder Status: I’ve been feeling baby really low since 18 weeks, just one week after I felt those first few flutters. It didn’t take long for those flutters to turn to downward kicks that I could feel in my ass! That was something no one ever told me about before getting pregnant, so that was pretty unexpected haha.  Those downward kicks in every direction have kept up since then so my bladder has undoubtedly gotten in the way plenty of times.  No, I haven’t peed my pants (yet!) but holy crap, does our bambino love to bounce – or squeeze – or do yoga right on top of my bladder. Silly baby…

Belly Button Tracker: Pretty much always enters the room before I do!

Cravings + Aversions: Still nothing that really turns me off.  Fresh fruit, water, chicken caesar salads are my favourites these days, and ice cream is also still on that list.  The best though, ice.  So. Good.

Sleep: Since Davin got me a Bump Nest for my birthday in July, I’ve consistently had the best nights sleep ever since.  Yeah, I have to turn from side to side a few times each night to give my hips a break, but this thing has been un.real! I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep using it even after I have the baby.  The part that wraps around my back has been a lifesaver because I often sleep half of my back and half on my side, and it helps to keep my propped that way.  And it’s just so, so friggen soft. Basically it’s heavenly.

Daddy G: Gearing up for D-Day!  He’s been asking all the right questions, like What is he going to do while I’m in labor? and What is our game plan if it happens while we’re in Sylvan Lake? And even some of the wrong ones, like Does the cafeteria serve beer? He loves hospital food and think it’d go down great with a cold beer; (seriously WHO gets excited to have hospital food!?) Or Can he wear his Go-Pro the whole time?  I laughed pretty good at all of these, which is good because if he waited to ask until I was in labor, I’d probably kill him. =)

Movement: The intensity of movement varies so much, I never know if i should brace myself or if baby’s getting a light workout in. The whole third trimester, they’ve been quite strong and noticeable, but unless it’s just hiccups, they’re one of two other kinds of movement: swift, but gentle and soft kicks that are cute and not uncomfortable at all – or they’re so strong, fast and violent feeling that I think he’s trying to escape through my skin.  I’m either momentarily paralyzed or swooning at my little wiggle worm.

What I’ve Learned:  I was ready to be done work as soon as nesting mode kicked in a few weeks ago, but the month has already gone by so fast I know I’m going to be finished before I know it. // I think labor is going to hit me like a ton of bricks physically.  Mainly because I haven’t had braxton hicks, no lower back pain or hip pain.  So since I haven’t had any ‘warm-up’ and there’s a good chance I’ll feel it all at once, I think I’m in for a rude awakening. Eek!

Highlights: Getting everything ready and crossing almost everything off our to-do list has been such a relief and leaves us feeling that much closer to bringing home baby.  // Getting one last sneak peek at bambino on ultrasound last week because I measured a little small and our doctor wanted to make sure she’s still growing.  Everything checked out just fine! // Daddy G and I went camping just the two of us last weekend and it made for the perfect baby moon! It was super relaxing and we did a ton of walking the paths at the lake and just enjoyed each others company in peace and quiet (without our phones!) the entire weekend.

Lowlights: The heat didn’t get to me like everyone, including myself, thought it would.  We don’t have air conditioning but Davin is really good for keeping the house cool so I managed just fine.  There was that week though that it felt like 37 degrees outside and made me feel like I was going to spontaneously combust…that was not fun. // Last week I started getting a sharp pain in the middle of my back right along my spine.  I’m guessing it’s from sitting upright and arching my back for too long, but man does it ache.

Now I just have to pack our hospital bags just in case we head there sooner than expected, finish this week at work and get ready for our long weekend in Sylvan Lake.  Then the countdown is on!


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August 22, 2014 - 1:47 pm

Kaela Soldan - So close, Lisa and Davin!

I didn’t have any BH’s either – and yes, it does hit you like a tonne of bricks, but it’s so, so, SO worth it! I can’t wait to see the pictures of baby when (s)he has finally arrived! All the best in the delivery room – you guys will be FANTASTIC parents.

Love you!

August 22, 2014 - 2:31 pm

Lisa G. - Awh thanks Kaela! <3 I hope I'm one of the lucky ones and baby just slides right out! haha!

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